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During My Career I Drove 18-Wheelers more than 160 Times Around the World!

The term "18 Wheeler" refered to the amount of tires a tractor-trailer had.

This photo shows me pulling "triples" which is a tractor and THREE trailers!

In May, 1999 I retired from being a professional driver and now live, with my wife Alma, in Kissimmee Florida.

During Retirement

After retirement, I held a few "jobs" to keep me active.

Now I fly planes!!

Not really...

Before the Federal Government took over airport screening, I held a job at MCO airport in Orlando Florida. This photo shows me guarding a Virgin Atlantic plane.




For the record; I was a licensed pilot!

Here I am with 3 of my Grandchildren, Mark, Ian & Lori Johnson, in front of my 4 place Cessna plane. This picture was taken at the airport in Clearfield PA when we lived in nearby Grampian.

In Grampian, we owned the community store, "Johnson's Market", a CB Radio store, and for a time, I was Mayor of Grampian.




Then I drove busses.

I drove busses for Mear's Motor Coaches. We drove all around the Disney Resorts, and most other major Florida attractions including NASA on the Space Coast.

For awhile, I had a route working the routes for University of Central Florida.



Then I became a Security Officer.

My last job, before being fully retired as I am now was working as a Class C Security Officer at the Oseola Reginal Medical Center in Kissimmee Florida reaching the rank of Corporal.

Our first and foremost responsibility was to ensure the safety of the doctors, nurses, patients, guests, and visitors to the facility.

We also served as an escort of loved ones to visit patients brought in to the Emergency Room of the hospital.

Before retirement from this job, I was given the award of "Officer of the Year".

I've met a few famous people....

Here I am with the "Truckin' Bozo", Dale Sommers.

Most professional drivers would tune in nightly to listen to him on the radio while pulling freight across America's highways.

I've also met Sherman Hemsley who played "George Jefferson" on All in the Family and The Jeffersons.

While still working at ORMC, I met Shaquille O'Neal. This was one BIG man!

Now, I'm taking it easy....

I bought a new truck and camper which we travel around the USA and camp.

This picture is at my son's house in Delaware.




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