Want Your   Own Award?

Receiving the SeaBreeze Web Page Excellence Award should be something that is earned, not just a scam to receive a link.

We all have our own ideas of what we consider a "nice looking" page. The SeaBreeze Web Page Excellence Award is given to those that our staff consider among the best.  Our decisions could be reached by content, quality, information provided, original ideas, or that we just laughed real hard while reading it.

It's not based entirely on how professional the page was prepared, but mostly judged on this criteria:

1. We went "WOW"!
2. We were envious.
3. We cracked a smile or laughed out loud.
4. Very innovative approach (made me say, "why didn't I do that?")
5. We bookmarked the page.

That's not so hard is it?? Why not give me an email invitation to visit your page and apply for an award?

Please supply this information:

1. Your real name.
2. Your email address (make sure it can receive attachments).
3. The entire URL to your site.
4. Why you think you deserve an award. (Convince me!)

Please understand, unlike some award sites, not everyone will receive it just by asking. If you do receive the award, you & your page earned it, congratulations!

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Loral R. Johnson
SeaBreeze Computer Services